Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Me...Premonitions and Things

I had taken a 6 months break from my website, popping in and out every now and then, but below is the true reason why I came back:

On July 3rd of this year, I went reluctantly with my 2 littlest brothers to go see the new Spider man movie. I didn't want to see it, because I had heard it was basically the same movie that came out a decade or so ago, but I had to be a dutiful sister and bring these two boys for some action and adventure. 

It was a cool evening at the movies, eating nachos and the food we had snuck into from the McDonalds at the theater dine-in.  

Finally, the time came,we were hearded into the theatre, we were one of the first on line so we got our pick of seats. We decided on sitting to the back of the theater to the left of the screen. 

As the previews played, I started to become anxious. I could remember saying to myself, suppose someone comes in to the theatre and just started to shoot. I remembered looking toward the exit door located all the way to the front, and thought that I could never make it that far without injury. I settled on just trying to hide under my seat and wait it out.

This horrible feeling of an attack never left. I kept on looking to the back of me and just picturing myself hiding from this shooter. I had never felt this way before at the movies.

When I exited the theatre I thought that I should just put these feelings on my blog, but as we exited the theatre we were greeted by fireworks in the mall parking lot.  And the "attack" became a distant memory.

Fast forward:

When I heard about the Aurora shootings, I could not believe my ears. I mean, didn't I see this coming just 3 weeks before and why didn't I take my premonition more seriously?

I wanted to blog immediately about my premonition, but out of respect for the victims and their families didn't have the heart to.

Now a couple weeks later having just read about another mass shooting...I began to wonder...what is God's purpose to all of these happenings. My premonitions didn't just pop out of my brain from out of nowhere....It came from somewhere concrete or spiritual. God had to have known about these things right? It was all God's will and it was meant to happen....right?

Maybe these things are just a sign of the times...2012...end of the world. I haven't felt the need to inquire to the spirit world about a possible end to the world. I don't care to...I might get curious but the feeling that God knew about these shootings and did nothing kind of makes me angry and sad but then again as previously said, everything is meant to be...right?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Friends Message From The Other Side

About one year ago, I went on a random teaching assignment at a local high school ( I was a Substitute Teacher), and when I was taking attendance for the class, I noticed that one of the students not only had a familiar last name but that she also looked exactly like a former co-worker of mine from back in the day.  I asked this student who was a female, if she knew a woman with the same last night, if the lady had work at such and such plane, walked with a cane and so on and so forth.

That's when she said yes, that in fact that lady was her aunt and that she had died 5 days before. Of course I was very shocked because this woman was one of my favorite co-workers at this job and she was very nice to me. I was in denial a bit because hey maybe it was just pure coincidence that this girl looked like the lady and every other thing just so happened to fit.

Because I didn't want to believe this student I was really hoping to get a sign from the "other side" to confirm that my co-worker had died. By the way I just couldn't call my former job because she no longer worked there. I thought about her over the past year and always wanted a sign and I finally got it:

I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and was about to fall back to sleep (my eyes were closed and all) and I was falling into dream.  In the dream I was walking down a very quiet block of NYC, kind of like the west side of Manhattan near the Highway and then the street turned into a garden. I had the feeling that I was in Spain. I had that feeling that I was definitely not in New York City anymore. Well as I was walking around the garden there was a flash of white light and I immediately new what that meant. Honestly when it comes to ghost and all those things I don't ever want to see them materially so, I began to say No, no, no in my dream. That's when I turned a corner of the garden and a staircase appeared before me.

My former co-worker appeared out of a no where atop the steps wearing a white gown, but she still had her cane. I was still saying noooo, when it seemed as if she was going to walk down the steps towards me, but instead she sat atop the steps and a lily with blue speckles appeared between me and her. That was a very special moment. I then knew that she was no longer alive.

I have to say that some fate played a role in meeting that girl in that particular class and school that day, because I never saw that girl again for the entire school year.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Spirit Guides

Just a short word of advice. The best time to speak to your Spirit Guide is in the morning. That is when you're most alert and "pure" so to speak, after a night of fasting and dreaming. Whenever there is something bothering me, I usually remind myself to leave it for the morning. 99% of the time my "morning" advice has never led me astray. It's like listening to your gut instincts.

I ask various questions whether its asking, does my crush like me?" (I ask that question all the time!) or "Is this guy right for me"? or "How should I handle, xyz"? Try it and tell me if it works!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So Relaxing....

After hearing ambulance sirens, planes overhead (maybe next time I'll imagine I'm in one of them headed to Ibiza), and my loud neighbors talking through the walls. I decided I needed to relax,take a step back and found this lovely video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is He Really Your Man

Not all relationsips are created equally. Some of us are luckier in love than others no doubt.  So that is why I've created a list of things to look out for to make sure that guy your shagging is actually your man or will he ever be your man.

  • Has it been 3 months already and you haven't had the talk? It just might be time to walk.
  • Do you call your man to have a talk about your day and all he wants to talk about is his hands touching on your body? He is not be your man.
  • Does he call you on weekdays,nights and weekends too. He's your man.
  • Does he only call after midnight, you should probably erase his number.He is not your man.
  • Does a date only consist of you going over to his place, sitting on the couch and him just waiting for that right time to reach for your bra? He is not your man.
  • Does he have that consistant wandering eye. Always checking out other women while you guys are together? That's shameful, you and him need to talk.
  • Does he constantly break dates in order to hang out with his friends or some other cool people excluding you? He's just using you.
  • Does he only take you to McDonalds and expect you to pick up the tab too? He is not your man.
  • Is he currently going through a divorce and using you as an emotional tampon? You might just be dumped after that divorce is final. He is not your man.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

24 hour Fasting

I've decided to go mostly vegetarian this year about 90%. There is absolutely no way I'd give up meat completely since my favorite meals all have some type of animal in it. The ideal diet should be about eating in moderation, and adding as many fresh vegetables and fruits instead of canned and preservative filled items. But along with this new diet change comes so many other healthy possibilities including fasting.  Fasting is no longer a religious rite but it can be used as a way for your body to heal and re-new itself.

Gwyneth Paltrow caught flack for her change to a  macrobiotic diet a few years ago which touts that the body does not need as many meals as we think it does in order to work. I have decided to fast once a week to start and hopefully I'll be able to graduate to twice a week. The fast recommended in the article is just a simple water fast. I've bought an endless supply of bottled water so I'm armed an ready. Read the articles and see if this is something that would help your health goals. I found these two awesome informative articles on the subject. Read on here.and this article that outlines some health risk here.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I am becoming more and more suspicious of this website as the days go by. I even had to take a break from it because it just seemed as if people more than less judged you from a bunch of pictures and notes and status updates that you are sharing with people are who supposedly your friends. I know that facebook is a business and it should be ran in order to make the most money but it has essentially lost it's mystique. Facebook is no longer the facebook of yersteryear, albeit it hasn't been around for that long. It has mutated into something that we all never expected.

I was prompted to write this post also because I was reading a news article on yahoo and to comment, you had to sign in to your facebook account. I am not paranoid but isn't that a bit strange. What happened to an anonymous user name? I think we all need to be aware of what we say and put out on these social websites. To me these things have made it much easier for people to keep tabs on you. I mean someones facebook page provided him an alibi for a crime he was suspected of committing but what happens when your page incriminates you (falsely).

I am also quite disconcerted about the fact that unlike generations before us your past never really stay in the past. "Friends" from elementary,middle and high school are now popping into your life like a reunion gone bad. This just really sounds messy to me. I just want people to be careful with technology no matter how cool it sounds. Driver's license, Social security numbers all started out as a way for people to get there SSI and to just drive but now you need these things to rent apartments and get jobs--we should all be cognizant of how much power we are giving people whom we don't know.

Feel free to add your own gripes about social networks!!!