Thursday, January 03, 2008

What About My Career?

I have been running this website for little over a month and I get many people asking about their career path all the time.This question is posed by the young and old. My general advice is that we live at a time where we can virtually do whatever we want to make a living but something is keeping us all from doing that. Many are pressured by their family to be better human beings by working at some hotshot job but most of us are influenced by society. There seems to be a dichotomy going on here. Here we all are being told that yeah go ahead be whatever you want to be whether it be a doctor, scientist, musician, writer, brain surgeon but it is quite obvious that most doctors and musicians don't have salaries in common.

While as a doctor you can work hard and get that Mercedes as a lowly musician you'll be lucky enough to get a well paying gig no matter how hard you work. And this is where people are confused. We all cannot be successful in the eyes of society because not all of us can afford a mercedes or a summer home in the Hamptons no fuck that not all of us can afford to keep a good roof over our heads with the kinds of things that are now deemed okay by society to do and make a living doing. I have confused myself now--but we all need to wake up and realize that success is relative--some of us hit the jackpot with our careers and most of us live at or below expectations--it's alright.

Anyway I think I need to flesh this out a little. You input is highly regarded.

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