Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Conversation with Death

A few days ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a woman who had faced death but was literally able to run from it. I wanted to post on it a few days ago but with the death of Heath Ledger and uncertain times prompted me to share a snippet of what this woman told me.

The woman whom I spoke with suffered a heart attack a few months ago, she described for me what she experienced:

She wasn't feeling well for two days but she thought it was gas pains but all of a sudden her heart valves constricted and she called "911", after she was wheeled into the ambulance she became unresponsive for 2.5 minutes. She told me that a white cloud opened up over the stretcher and she saw herself walking towards an opening in the cloud--that's when she realized she was about to die and she said to herself "I don't want to die" that's when she began to fight and run away from the cloud. She came back to life. I wanted to pry some more information from her but her sister actually died the night before of a heart attack and she told me since her brush with death she knew it was her sister's time to go.

You always hear these stories about people seeing a bright light and family members you never believe it until someone you know tells you such a thing.

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