Monday, January 28, 2008

Since Valentines is around the corner everyday this week I'll be talking about the "L" word. Here is my first article.Enjoy!!! Tomorrow's for the guys.

When a guy has a crush on you, he:

  • asks for a mode of communication in order to contact you especially your phone number but myspace, email and fax is just as important too.
  • initiates conversation on just about anything or nothing. The reason being he just wants to be noticed and also wants to show off his "intelligence".
  • tries to make you smile by telling jokes.
  • Talks to you about his personal life and asks you for advice (not advice about other girls by the way).
  • is eager for your approval , he may ask you about his appearance or about a moral dilemna.
  • shares his favorite things with you i.e. music, food or t.v. show.
  • introduces you to friends, or maybe even his family.
  • may ask you to hang out with him and his friend or alone just as "friends".
  • remembers your name and tiny details about conversations you've had.
  • makes every effort to contact you even to say "Hi".
  • Asks you out on a date.
When a guy likes a girl unless he's really shy (that's maybe 2% of the male population) he will make every effort to get a hold of you. When a guy likes you he does everything in his power to make sure you know even if it isn't as overt as asking you out. If a guy is talking to you everyday for no apparent reason he more than likely has a crush on you, guys don't talk to chicks they don't like and that's a fact, I'll bet money on that. If you're not his boss, sister, cousin, mother and he's talking to you exhibiting all the above signs, I would say it's to assume he likes you and you can either take the lead and ask him out or wait for him to do it. Simply men know what they want and if it's you, he'll let you know.

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