Monday, February 25, 2008

She's Just Not That Into

It not easy being a man especially a shy man in our society and when it comes to figuring out women it only gets harder. I am writing this because I know there are many guys out there who are chasing after women who are just not into them but these guys still persist. Figuring out if a woman likes you is as easy as flipping the lights on in a room (I know bad analogy).

Here are some signs:

  • She initiates conversation with you and she actually ask you questions about yourself and she willingly offers information about herself including phone #, email address, myspace and facebook profile, her mom's number in case you can't reach her, work number and the list goes on--get the drift.
  • She laughs at your jokes in the silly girl voice even if she's 35.
  • She may ask you out for coffee or to hang out with her pals for after work cocktails.
  • She touches you, this is important because women only touch guys they like then they give you that come hither look.
  • But most importantly what I want guys to know is that if a woman likes you and wants to date you she will not put up a fight. She will answer your text messages and phone calls. Do not play the chasing game, if she sounds iffy about the date you ask her on--take it as a message that she is just not that into you!
Guys please stop being fools, I essentially wanted to write about this because as a woman I've met plenty of relentless guys. They just wouldn't get the message. I wouldn't answer their calls, I would come up with dumb excuses as to why and they'd actually believe it. It's hard for a woman to reject a guy openly so please guys take the hint. If she's not returning your calls and not bending over backwards to be with you, please move on!

Guys if you have any further questions about this topic please email me and women too!



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