Wednesday, May 07, 2008

5 Questions Women Need to Ask a Man Before Getting Serious

Beginning tomorrow I will be doing a 5 day lesson on what to look for when finding love. Although these questions are targeted to women, I believe that men can use these to also weed out the bad apples in their dating pool.
The goal in asking these questions is to figure out is this man right for me or rather is this man looking for what I want/need in a relationship? His answers doesn't necessarily have to fit your own beliefs but the way in which he theorizes will reveal how his mind works when it comes to tackling relationships and the problems that might arise once you are seriously dating.
By asking these questions you are also trying to figure out if this is a person who share your your outlook on life whether it be an optimist vs. a pessimist or you can find out pertinent information on whether this guy is truly looking for love. Will he share the same goals as you? Will you and your partner fight the same way in an argument, the list goes on. These questions should not be used as an interrogation like scenario but as an efficient way to secretly find out how you're partner thinks.

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