Thursday, May 08, 2008

5 Questions Women Should Ask:Part #1

Let me preface this by saying that you do not have to be religious to ask this question.

Okay so you're sitting at a restaurant or sitting on his couch munching popcorn together when you would just bust out these questions. There is no need to play interrogator you do not want him to believe that the answer to these questions will be the end all be all. So you're first possible question would be, what do you think about religion and God? Do you believe God exist? What role does religion play in your life? You see the reason I would ask these questions of a man is because his answers will reveal much about his imagination, and the way in which he sees his dating world, for example if a man says he does not believe in God because there is no concrete evidence of his existence that is the way he more than likely will view any relationship that he is in. More importantly that is probably the way he views your relationship. He sees things in black and white and if you and him do ever argue about just about anything he more than likely will not see things your way but his way and his way only. If you are looking for a guy who likes his arguments cut and dry this answer would be good for you but if you like to debate this guy will most likely get on your nerves pretty quickly.

So suppose his answer is that he is not religious but he is spiritual and that he does believe there is something up there because of all these unexplainable things that has happened in his life. This answer shows that this guy just might be level-headed and practical when it comes to relationships but when it comes to settling down these guys would have to find the right woman at his leisure meaning that he may be a little hard to gauge in whether are not you two are and item or not.

What I want you to do as a dater is listen to words carefully and how things are said, some people say actions speak louder than words but if you're not listening to what your man is truly saying you'll be missing one half of the equation. There is so much to explain in this article and I'm sure that my advice will be more clear by the end of our week focusing on this matter.

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