Friday, December 18, 2009


I am becoming more and more suspicious of this website as the days go by. I even had to take a break from it because it just seemed as if people more than less judged you from a bunch of pictures and notes and status updates that you are sharing with people are who supposedly your friends. I know that facebook is a business and it should be ran in order to make the most money but it has essentially lost it's mystique. Facebook is no longer the facebook of yersteryear, albeit it hasn't been around for that long. It has mutated into something that we all never expected.

I was prompted to write this post also because I was reading a news article on yahoo and to comment, you had to sign in to your facebook account. I am not paranoid but isn't that a bit strange. What happened to an anonymous user name? I think we all need to be aware of what we say and put out on these social websites. To me these things have made it much easier for people to keep tabs on you. I mean someones facebook page provided him an alibi for a crime he was suspected of committing but what happens when your page incriminates you (falsely).

I am also quite disconcerted about the fact that unlike generations before us your past never really stay in the past. "Friends" from elementary,middle and high school are now popping into your life like a reunion gone bad. This just really sounds messy to me. I just want people to be careful with technology no matter how cool it sounds. Driver's license, Social security numbers all started out as a way for people to get there SSI and to just drive but now you need these things to rent apartments and get jobs--we should all be cognizant of how much power we are giving people whom we don't know.

Feel free to add your own gripes about social networks!!!

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