Tuesday, January 05, 2010

24 hour Fasting

I've decided to go mostly vegetarian this year about 90%. There is absolutely no way I'd give up meat completely since my favorite meals all have some type of animal in it. The ideal diet should be about eating in moderation, and adding as many fresh vegetables and fruits instead of canned and preservative filled items. But along with this new diet change comes so many other healthy possibilities including fasting.  Fasting is no longer a religious rite but it can be used as a way for your body to heal and re-new itself.

Gwyneth Paltrow caught flack for her change to a  macrobiotic diet a few years ago which touts that the body does not need as many meals as we think it does in order to work. I have decided to fast once a week to start and hopefully I'll be able to graduate to twice a week. The fast recommended in the article is just a simple water fast. I've bought an endless supply of bottled water so I'm armed an ready. Read the articles and see if this is something that would help your health goals. I found these two awesome informative articles on the subject. Read on here.and this article that outlines some health risk here.

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