Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is He Really Your Man

Not all relationsips are created equally. Some of us are luckier in love than others no doubt.  So that is why I've created a list of things to look out for to make sure that guy your shagging is actually your man or will he ever be your man.

  • Has it been 3 months already and you haven't had the talk? It just might be time to walk.
  • Do you call your man to have a talk about your day and all he wants to talk about is his hands touching on your body? He is not be your man.
  • Does he call you on weekdays,nights and weekends too. He's your man.
  • Does he only call after midnight, you should probably erase his number.He is not your man.
  • Does a date only consist of you going over to his place, sitting on the couch and him just waiting for that right time to reach for your bra? He is not your man.
  • Does he have that consistant wandering eye. Always checking out other women while you guys are together? That's shameful, you and him need to talk.
  • Does he constantly break dates in order to hang out with his friends or some other cool people excluding you? He's just using you.
  • Does he only take you to McDonalds and expect you to pick up the tab too? He is not your man.
  • Is he currently going through a divorce and using you as an emotional tampon? You might just be dumped after that divorce is final. He is not your man.

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