Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Friends Message From The Other Side

About one year ago, I went on a random teaching assignment at a local high school ( I was a Substitute Teacher), and when I was taking attendance for the class, I noticed that one of the students not only had a familiar last name but that she also looked exactly like a former co-worker of mine from back in the day.  I asked this student who was a female, if she knew a woman with the same last night, if the lady had work at such and such plane, walked with a cane and so on and so forth.

That's when she said yes, that in fact that lady was her aunt and that she had died 5 days before. Of course I was very shocked because this woman was one of my favorite co-workers at this job and she was very nice to me. I was in denial a bit because hey maybe it was just pure coincidence that this girl looked like the lady and every other thing just so happened to fit.

Because I didn't want to believe this student I was really hoping to get a sign from the "other side" to confirm that my co-worker had died. By the way I just couldn't call my former job because she no longer worked there. I thought about her over the past year and always wanted a sign and I finally got it:

I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and was about to fall back to sleep (my eyes were closed and all) and I was falling into dream.  In the dream I was walking down a very quiet block of NYC, kind of like the west side of Manhattan near the Highway and then the street turned into a garden. I had the feeling that I was in Spain. I had that feeling that I was definitely not in New York City anymore. Well as I was walking around the garden there was a flash of white light and I immediately new what that meant. Honestly when it comes to ghost and all those things I don't ever want to see them materially so, I began to say No, no, no in my dream. That's when I turned a corner of the garden and a staircase appeared before me.

My former co-worker appeared out of a no where atop the steps wearing a white gown, but she still had her cane. I was still saying noooo, when it seemed as if she was going to walk down the steps towards me, but instead she sat atop the steps and a lily with blue speckles appeared between me and her. That was a very special moment. I then knew that she was no longer alive.

I have to say that some fate played a role in meeting that girl in that particular class and school that day, because I never saw that girl again for the entire school year.

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