Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Me...Premonitions and Things

I had taken a 6 months break from my website, popping in and out every now and then, but below is the true reason why I came back:

On July 3rd of this year, I went reluctantly with my 2 littlest brothers to go see the new Spider man movie. I didn't want to see it, because I had heard it was basically the same movie that came out a decade or so ago, but I had to be a dutiful sister and bring these two boys for some action and adventure. 

It was a cool evening at the movies, eating nachos and the food we had snuck into from the McDonalds at the theater dine-in.  

Finally, the time came,we were hearded into the theatre, we were one of the first on line so we got our pick of seats. We decided on sitting to the back of the theater to the left of the screen. 

As the previews played, I started to become anxious. I could remember saying to myself, suppose someone comes in to the theatre and just started to shoot. I remembered looking toward the exit door located all the way to the front, and thought that I could never make it that far without injury. I settled on just trying to hide under my seat and wait it out.

This horrible feeling of an attack never left. I kept on looking to the back of me and just picturing myself hiding from this shooter. I had never felt this way before at the movies.

When I exited the theatre I thought that I should just put these feelings on my blog, but as we exited the theatre we were greeted by fireworks in the mall parking lot.  And the "attack" became a distant memory.

Fast forward:

When I heard about the Aurora shootings, I could not believe my ears. I mean, didn't I see this coming just 3 weeks before and why didn't I take my premonition more seriously?

I wanted to blog immediately about my premonition, but out of respect for the victims and their families didn't have the heart to.

Now a couple weeks later having just read about another mass shooting...I began to wonder...what is God's purpose to all of these happenings. My premonitions didn't just pop out of my brain from out of nowhere....It came from somewhere concrete or spiritual. God had to have known about these things right? It was all God's will and it was meant to happen....right?

Maybe these things are just a sign of the times...2012...end of the world. I haven't felt the need to inquire to the spirit world about a possible end to the world. I don't care to...I might get curious but the feeling that God knew about these shootings and did nothing kind of makes me angry and sad but then again as previously said, everything is meant to be...right?


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